Measure What Matters

Do you or your shareholders really care about CTR? Does your sales team know if an impression has value? C-Suites judge worth based on growth and revenue, so why do marketers talk so much about metrics like time-on-site, bounce rate or mouseovers? Marketing data analysis should be hyper-focused on what really matters—your business goals.


Your Goals are the Real Story

Our clients don’t pay us to get the best CTR, the lowest CPM, or show them colorful graphs and flashy dashboards. They pay us to achieve their goals. We focus on specific, measurable marketing goals that align with larger business goals to achieve results:

  • e-Commerce revenue
  • Lead generation form submissions and sign-ups
  • Ebook & Whitepaper downloads
  • Phone calls to a contact number
  • Visits to a physical location

Analytics Reporting

Mason Digital measures what matters—we provide analytics services that illustrate how your campaigns align with your business goals, drive leads and increase revenue.

  • Data collection, transformation and visualization
  • Customized dashboard creation that aggregates data from multiple platforms
  • Testing that allows us to get smarter over time
  • Expert analysis and insights
  • Actionable takeaways
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