Analytics based. Results Driven.

Mason Digital, a Mason Marketing llc alliance, integrates deep marketing know how with proven digital tools to create strategic, impactful programs with measurable results.

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Digital Strategy

We use an analytics based "Big Data" approach to digital marketing and focus on measurable results that can be directly correlated with business objectives.


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Website Design

We specialize in custom website design, search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce, and advanced web development in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, DNN, etc.


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Digital Capabilities

Every custom designed mobile optimized site we build or 3D animated project must not only be functional, but pass our creative design teams "sniff" test.


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Digital Marketing

We take a holistic approach to online marketing. There is no silver bullet and we have all the digital tools to deliver measurable results.


Digi know...

Using Strategy to Define Tactics

The terms “strategy” and “strategic” are thrown around quite a bit in today’s business culture. In the realm of marketing, and more specifically digital marketing, it’s practically a meme. Every now and then I hear someone use one of these terms correctly. Usually though, the more someone uses the word “strategy” in a conversation, the less they understand the word’s meaning.

Strategy can be defined in a number of ways. One of my favorite definitions is credited to Michael Porter, a professor at the Harvard Business School and noted author in the fields of business and economics, who wrote “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

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Don’t Fall for SPAM Promising SEO Improvement

People use search engines a lot. According to Google there are more than 2.3 million searches performed on their search engine every minute. Surprisingly, not all of these searches are performed by people who are trying to prove their friend wrong to win a bet. In some cases these searches are performed by consumers looking for products and services.

Consumers now rely on Google and other search engines as their main source for information. It’s vital that your company appear high on the search engine results page for search queries related to your products and services.

At our agency, we work with dozens of clients to help improve their organic search engine rankings, a practice known as search engine optimization (SEO). This has become a huge industry spawning thousands of companies and freelancers that claim to specialize in SEO services. How do I know there are thousands of companies and freelancers that claim this? Because most of them email each of my clients every day.

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Project Spotlight

View some of our latest projects.


The Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC) features over 200 hands-on exhibits, spectacular shows, and authentic collections, engaging over 350,000 visitors annually. Last summer, we launched their new website that not only communicates the entire experience (Museum, Strasenburgh Planetarium and Cumming Nature Center), but also maintains a strong brand representation for the RMSC.

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Conifer LLC

Conifer is a nationally ranked, full-service real estate company specializing in the development, construction, management, and ownership of high-quality, affordable housing communities. Mason Digital has had a long-term relationship with Conifer and has been supporting their online marketing strategy. This past December, we launched their new Website which afforded Conifer more flexibility for managing content while also maintaining their newly instituted branding guidelines.

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NY Apple Country

The New York Apple Association (NYAA) promotes New York State apples and apple products, provides grower communications, and conducts consumer research. Mason Marketing has had a 14-year ongoing working relationship with the NYAA providing strategy, planning, creative development and execution of consumer and trade marketing activities. Mason Digital was awarded the contract to design and build a new website while also providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

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Digital Team

Meet the people who make it happen.

Tim Mason
President and CEO

Tim provides strategic marketing support for the majority of agency clients. He helps ensure that your brand and marketing strategy are clearly reflected in every communication produced by the agency.

Jim Dennis
Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Jim is our "e" expert. He is the agency's lead technology and Web strategy liaison. Jim's strategic vision was the catalyst for our comprehensive portfolio of interactive, digital marketing tools.

Karl Heberger
Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

Karl is responsible for digital advertising and marketing with years of experience in SEM, SEO, social, mobile, and display. Simply put, Karl helps to assure that the sites we build receive traffic from the right visitors and achieve our clients' business objectives.

Chris Markham
Director of Digital Development

As an experienced Digital Developer, Chris is always implementing new and creative solutions to help websites reach their full potential. Chris possesses a unique and valuable combination of both visual and technical skills.

Matt Weaver
Director, Digital Marketing

Matt is an experienced digital media strategist who oversees the creation of strategic and innovative digital marketing programs across multiple channels. He possesses knowledge of current digital platforms and has a passion for understanding emerging digital technology.

Geoff Schopp
Digital Marketing Technologist

Geoff analyzes the data Mason Digital collects for its clients across a multitude of channels and identifies opportunities to optimize the performance of campaigns. Geoff has considerable experience in e-commerce and is also Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified.

Joelle Freeman
Digital Marketing Technologist

Joelle works with clients to fulfill their digital marketing campaigns from start to finish. Beginning with the implementation of each campaign, followed by monitoring and defining trends in data, analyzing opportunities for optimizations, and implementing changes for client success.

Erica Erskine
Digital Marketing Technologist

Erica is often playing the role of the unsung hero while working on our client's digital marketing and advertising programs. When we present reports that show excellent results, it’s because of her keen ability to analyze and optimize campaigns within our various digital marketing platforms. Simply put, Erica makes it happen!

Matt Mangan
Web Developer

Matt is a highly skilled digital developer responsible for crafting quality code that results in responsive, pixel-perfect websites. He also contributes to efforts for clients focused on digital marketing, search engine optimization, mobile websites, and other initiatives.

Scott Sheils
Digital Developer

Scott is our 3D animation and video guy, with experience ranging from prop and set design for Hollywood movies to animatronic puppetry and virtual reality. When it comes to making projects come alive, he’s a master.

Meghan Martinez
Web Developer

Meghan has tenacious attention to detail, always keeping the user experience in mind. She optimizes websites to ensure they are intuitive and simple to use; in turn increasing engagement and site retention. When it comes to UI/UX design and programming, Meghan has it covered!

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