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Why Your Business Goals Should Drive Marketing Analytics

Businesses have never had as much access to data as they do today. In the age of digital marketing, a massive amount of information is collected on everyone and everything connected to the Internet. The ease and scale with which a marketer can conduct research, track user behavior and connect the dots between dollars spent […]

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Growing Business Over a Cup of Coffee with “Old” Friends

Years ago I managed PR for a multi-national CPG company. One product in my portfolio was a popular morning beverage many people take with cream and sugar. I was invited to join the team on a three day immersion into their current consumers’ habits, needs, and lifestyle. I was assigned to shadow a woman who […]

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The Two Inbound Strategies That Clearly Show How Marketing Delivers Sales Leads

Done correctly, inbound marketing is a strong driver of lead generation. But we all know what isn’t measured doesn’t matter so it’s critical that B2B marketers clarify how their team’s work makes an impact on the company’s bottom line. Staying focused on the tactics that drive sales benefits the entire organization’s growth and, in turn, […]

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