Inbound Marketing Services and Strategy

Inbound marketing is strategically creating viable content through different tactics to organically attract target prospects. Once those contacts have shown interest in the product or service, further nurturing is deployed through a variety of communication methods from marketing automation and email marketing. The idea is to attract and retain the contact through different forms of engagement and education to deliver the lead to the sales team when they are ready.

Inbound marketing services


Search engine optimization is the art of strategically optimizing a website through technical and on-page tactics to attract search engine traffic to your specific pages. Properly improving your website can greatly increase your relevant web traffic and the amount of leads your website receives. 

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Marketing Automation

After receiving inbound contacts from any number of marketing sources, marketing automation is an excellent method of keeping these contacts engaged with your business. There are a variety of strategies and functionality available for these campaigns that will engage contacts to move along the sales funnel. 

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Email Marketing 

One of the best ways to keep in touch with current and potential customers is through email marketing. It doesn’t come down to just randomly sending out emails to these individuals. You need a strategic plan to target each type of prospect and customer you have with highly relevant content. Mason Digital creates and delivers strategic email campaigns for every aspect of your target market and inbound marketing strategy.

Content Writing

Your customers aren’t looking for a sales message; instead they’re seeking solution-driven content that addresses real challenges they’re experiencing. Through extensive research, Mason strategically plans and executes a content strategy with SEO direction to drive more traffic and leads to your website.

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