Fully Automate Your Email Marketing and CRM Management

Marketing automation is powerful, and when implemented correctly, can be a game-changer for growing your business. However, content marketing automation is far from automatic. It requires sophisticated strategists, designers, programmers, copywriters, and data analysts to properly execute content marketing automation initiatives.

Below is an overview of the various elements necessary for successful content marketing automation that delivers qualified leads.

Stay in touch with your contacts, leads and customers

Whether you are staying in touch with current customers or attempting to push contacts and leads down the sales funnel, marketing automation is a fantastic way to do just that. Completely automate any actions a user performs with whatever action they take. Create an onboarding campaign for new customers or deliver specific content to leads that have shown interest in your specific products or service. Your marketing automation tool can do anything you put your mind to based on the communication tracks you create.

Specializing in many marketing automation platforms

Mason Digital is a certified Hubspot partner and also has considerable experience with Sharpspring but our talented marketing automation team has worked in countless other automation tools like Pardot and Marketo. Our team has plenty of experience diving into accounts and creating strategic campaigns in those tools in a seamless transition.   

Aligning marketing automation platforms and CRMs

The most important aspect of marketing automation tools is the direct connection between it and your CRM. Without that direct connection, you are not using the marketing automation tool to its true potential. A direct connection is what will create those completely automated interactions to properly warm up those leads for your sales team and create a more qualified lead.

Marketing Automation Strategy

Content marketing automation allows us marketers to use content to address a prospects pain points, capture leads, and nurture them in order to provide the sales team with sales qualified leads (SQL’s). Marketing automation platforms have become extremely sophisticated along with powerful capabilities. By working closely with the sales team, Mason can develop and execute programs that successfully drive sales and increase revenue. 

For B2B marketers, the end goal is leads and, ultimately increased sales. Engaging prospects and nurturing leads takes strong strategic thinking and a solid execution plan. The Mason Inbound team works closely with you to consider the options on how to structure the automation campaigns and then move forward to accomplish your objectives.

Automation email design

Email design is inspired greatly from your branding image. It’s important to retain consistency of your brand through all of your external communications. We keep your brand consistent throughout all of your marketing communications. 

Each strategy that is created for your marketing automation system will have its own designed email with a targeted goal in mind. Newsletter emails may have a few different call-to-action (CTA) touchpoints based on a wide range of contacts being sent. As the range of contacts get more streamlined, a more specific message is created to send to those individuals. By gathering more intelligence, we can start to nurture those interests.