We’re results-driven marketers.

At Mason Digital, we believe great agencies ask great questions. So that’s where we begin – with a thorough discovery of your business and, especially, your sales and marketing goals. Then we’ll leverage our deep relationships with the leading digital media platforms, accessing targeting data to build an integrated digital media plan. Ongoing campaign management, optimization and reporting are built into every plan.

Our team has developed and executed successful digital marketing strategies for local and national clients. Our proven track record includes search engine marketing, paid social media, display advertising, video, and connected TV planning and execution.

Search Engine Marketing

Mason Digital’s team has developed numerous search engine marketing campaigns for B2C and B2B clients. Utilizing the latest research tools and best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) paid search advertising we’re able to achieve optimal results for our clients.

Search engine marketing is becoming a crucial component of any company’s marketing strategy. According to Pew Research, every day 59% of Internet users use search engines. This provides an opportunity for marketers to reach their audience in the right place, at the right time, with the right message. Without a successful search engine marketing campaign, these searchers are far more likely find your competitors.

Mason Digital uses sophisticated tools to develop, execute, and measure search engine marketing initiatives. We treat search engine marketing as a direct response tactic and develop customized processes for measuring ROI. Data collection and analysis is a central component in executing successful campaigns. We continuously measure, analyze, learn, and optimize both paid search, as well as search engine optimization initiatives, for our clients based on their business objectives. Our process is transparent and collaborative, providing value for all stakeholders.

Our programmatic buying professionals have experience purchasing banner, mobile, native and video advertising for many of our clients.

Video and Display Advertising

Our in-house staff of digital marketing technologists use demand-side platforms (DSPs) to purchase ads across multiple ad exchanges and YouTube. The Mason Trading Desk enables our clients’ advertising dollars to work harder for them, with lower costs and higher efficiencies. Simply put, it provides sophisticated targeting and reach that eliminates the middle man.

Marketing Data and Analytics

Analytics and data analysis are at the core of everything we do at Mason Digital. We believe data should teach you something. We use data to consistently analyze and improve the performance of our clients’ digital marketing initiatives.

Our data-centric approach ensures that we remain focused on achieving our clients’ business objectives by consistently measuring each campaign’s key performance indicators. We provide our clients with comprehensive and informative reports of each campaign’s results. We’re transparent and collaborative, developing customized reports that provide value to our clients and each stakeholder for every initiative.

Digital Advertising Solutions

  • Digital channel and audience research
  • Digital media strategy development
  • Paid search advertising
  • Programmatic display, video, and connected TV
  • Paid social media advertising
  • Robust reporting and analysis

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