Website CMS

Not all Content Management Systems are the same. Sure, they all have editors so non-technical people can make edits to their own website, but we have worked with most of the major ones and they are not necessarily equal when it comes to ease-of-use by our clients. The good news is that CMS platforms keep evolving and are getting better.

So it was in 2006 when we started programming all our websites on a CMS platform instead of hard coding. We wanted to go the open-source, license free route and the top three CMS’ are Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, which we have extensive experience in all of them, but use WordPress for most of our website production projects.

Here’s a few reasons why our clients love WordPress:

  • Real-time website updates from any internet-enabled device (no development or tech background necessary!)
  • Built-in search engine optimization options (so your website acts as a true marketing tool for building your business)
  • Manage pages (and add new ones) in just a few clicks
  • Automated styling of (new) pages -- so you can just focus on adding new content
  • Modular system designed to grow with your business (request and implement new functionality without starting your website from scratch)
  • We integrate Google Analytics in every design build for traffic analysis
  • Streamlined online marketing - like managing your blog from the same system
  • Regular system updates and functionality additions keep CMS relevant
  • Customizable components (can be tailored to specific client needs and functionality requirements)

We also have extensive experience building sites using the Joomla CMS (see our blog post).