Website Design

Responsive Web Design

The days of "Do I really need a Web site?" are long gone. It is widely accepted that your Web site is the hub of all your marketing communications. Years ago you needed a great brochure. Now you need a powerful Web presence. What differentiates Mason Digital is that we lead with strategy and leverage the creative horsepower of our alliance with Mason Marketing to create the best possible site for you.

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Website CMS

Not all Content Management Systems are the same. Sure, they all have editors so non-technical people can make edits to their own website, but we have worked with most of the major ones and they are not necessarily equal when it comes to ease-of-use by our clients. The good news is that CMS platforms keep evolving and are getting better.

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Website Redesign

So you’ve already got a website, but you’re wondering if it might be time for a website redesign? We get that question a lot and we think you should consider a website redesign if it’s been 3+ years since it’s last design update, and you definitely need a redesign if your site is not Responsive for mobile optimization. In fact, Google recently modified their algorithm to penalize sites that are not mobile optimized. (Read our blog post)

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