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Why Your Business Goals Should Drive Marketing Analytics

Businesses have never had as much access to data as they do today. In the age of digital marketing, a massive amount of information is collected on everyone and everything connected to the Internet. The ease and scale with which a marketer can conduct research, track user behavior and connect the dots between dollars spent […]

Using Marketing Automation to Increase Revenue

Technology has changed and largely improved every function within our businesses. Marketing has arguably been affected the most and the quickest. It started modestly with digital advertising using banner ads and email blasts back in the late 90s. Just 20 years later, digital marketing technology provides capabilities that marketers never dreamed of. One of the […]

Marketing Automation Doesn’t Mean Automatic Marketing

The concept of marketing automation is a relatively new phenomenon. A quick look at Google Trends data reveals that search volume for “marketing automation” has ramped up rapidly since 2012. It has become one of the top buzzwords in our industry, but just what does marketing automation mean? We recently posted a position for a […]

Consumer Privacy Regulations Will Further Limit Advertising Competition

Amid high-profile breaches of consumer data at several notable companies, governments around the world are taking action to crack down on how personal data is being collected, stored, and used. In 2018, the EU passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Starting in January of 2020, California will have a similar regulation in place, the […]

How Google Tag Manager Gives Marketers Superpowers

How can data-driven marketers easily manage paid advertising, eCommerce, CRM and other tracking data from multiple platforms across a web site? How can they pump user interaction data back to these different platforms all at the same time?  And the million-dollar question – how can they do it without having to get IT and the […]

Using Technology to Effectively Connect Sales and Marketing

As B2B digital marketers, one of our most important tasks is to drive prospects to our website and then convert them into leads. Ultimately, the goal is to later convert these leads into customers, repeat customers, and brand advocates. It can be a challenge for the marketing team to have visibility of customer acquisition because […]