How Google Tag Manager Gives Marketers Superpowers

Written by Jeff Commaroto on

How can data-driven marketers easily manage paid advertising, eCommerce, CRM and other tracking data from multiple platforms across a web site? How can they pump user interaction data back to these different platforms all at the same time?  And the million-dollar question – how can they do it without having to get IT and the […]

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Using Technology to Effectively Connect Sales and Marketing

Written by Ryan Ross on

As B2B digital marketers, one of our most important tasks is to drive prospects to our website and then convert them into leads. Ultimately, the goal is to later convert these leads into customers, repeat customers, and brand advocates. It can be a challenge for the marketing team to have visibility of customer acquisition because […]

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How to Find the Right Digital Marketing Agency Partner

Written by Karl Heberger on

4 Questions to Ask (and the Answers You’ll Want to Hear) So you’ve found yourself in the unenviable situation of having to research and hire a digital marketing firm. After you’ve read through some websites, asked for some referrals, and stalked your contacts on LinkedIn, you have narrowed down your list of potential providers. The […]

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