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A Look At The Agency and Client-side Marketing Team Partnership

Business owners and executives have long been debating whether or not to hire an internal marketing team or partner with an agency. On one side you’ll hear “I don’t want to pay the agency fees, let’s start our own internal team” and on the other, you’ll hear “Interviewing, hiring, training, onboarding, etc. will be too […]

Four Ways to Incorporate Marketing Automation in 2021

Do your 2021 marketing plans include automatic, strategic outreach that seamlessly creates opportunities for your sales and support teams? If you are not using a marketing automation tool, you are certainly missing out on the full potential your marketing plan could have. And if you are, here are some different strategies to add to your […]

How Digital Advertising Started vs. How It’s Going

This year, I have read countless articles about consumer privacy. I’ve watched our government bring big tech leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai in for hearings with questions centered around trust and privacy. Most digital ad industry news is dedicated to privacy issues.It’s not a surprise that the government and consumers in general do […]

Building a Culture of Accessibility Into Your Product

When it comes to digital products such as websites or apps, I’d imagine most of us can recall some type of frustrating interaction while using them. For the 61 million American adults with disabilities, and over 1 billion worldwide, the lack of accessibility within a digital product can turn a normally frustrating experience into one […]

Video Advertising in Today’s World of Cord Cutters

We are experiencing a massive shift in how people are consuming video content on their televisions. The number of homes with paid TV service (cable or satellite) peaked in 2014 at 100.5 million. According to eMarketer, this number will decline 20% by the end of 2020 as viewers decide to “cut the cord,” the term […]

Some Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2020

We’re starting a new year and a new decade (although I think the latter is debatable) so it’s a great time to make some resolutions. Let’s eat less junk food, exercise more often, and stop making the same digital marketing mistakes we made in 2019! Here are four things you can do to be a […]

Advertisers Need a Mobile Strategy

A report was recently released by eMarketer that analyzed how consumers in the US spend time with various types of media. The average time spent with almost every type of media was down from last year. The average American adult is spending less time watching television, listening to the radio, and reading magazines. The only […]

For Digital Marketing Support, Deeper is Better than Wider

We’ve all heard the saying, “jack of all trades, master of none.” This might be used to describe your neighborhood handyman who is often helping people out with various home improvement projects. When you have a serious home renovation, however, you don’t call Bill from next door. You need specialists who can get the job […]

Proceed with Caution: Self-serve Advertising Platforms

In recent years, the largest digital advertising companies have made a push to attract more small businesses. If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably received postcards in the mail with a twenty-five-dollar credit for Google advertising or been advised to “boost” your Facebook post to maximize performance. The adtech giants have made advertising on their […]

Google and Facebook – The Digital Advertising Duopoly

If you have used digital advertising to promote a product or service lately, chances are you handed money over to either Google, Facebook, or both. These two companies, Google (owned by parent company Alphabet) and Facebook, have been dominating the digital marketing universe for a few years now. Last year US advertisers spent $35B with […]

Bold Predictions for 2018

It’s that time of year. The time when columnists decide they should predict the future. They write a list of things that will happen in the next year with very little evidence or rationale. In the title of the column they use phrases like “bold predictions” or “trends to watch” in order to hedge their […]

Youtube Marketing: 4 Ways To Win At Youtube Advertising

YouTube is an amalgam of advertising, social, and content distribution all rolled into one. Many brands try to win at YouTube and consistently fail due to unoriginality and lack of unique content. So their channel becomes a digital repository of their humdrum TV commercials. That’s a lot of wasted time and money. In part 1 […]