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Whether he’s overseeing the creation of strategic and innovative marketing programs or exploring new and emerging digital technologies, no day at Mason Digital is the same for Matt – and that’s exactly what he loves about his job. With a background in media buying and a degree in broadcast media, Matt utilizes an artful blend of creativity and strategy to help clients get measurable, sustainable results. Matt is a father of two that help him to stay grounded and, in his words, “have given me the realization that there’s more to life than work.”

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Using Marketing Automation to Increase Revenue

Technology has changed and largely improved every function within our businesses. Marketing has arguably been affected the most and the quickest. It started modestly with digital advertising using banner ads and email blasts back in the late 90s. Just 20 years later, digital marketing technology provides capabilities that marketers never dreamed of. One of the […]

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Google Algorithm Changes Favor Subject Experts

For brick-and-mortar retailers, real estate has always been a very important factor in their success. I remember learning in a college marketing course that the three most important decisions that any retail business will make are “location, location, and location.” This passed as humor in an otherwise dull marketing class. Today, most businesses have a […]

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How to Develop an Audience Persona

Before you begin developing a content marketing plan, it’s important to clearly define the target audience. We do this by developing personas. These personas go beyond the basic demographic information that we use when we target audiences with advertising. We dig much deeper to define what makes the person tick. You need to understand the […]

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