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Matt is an experienced digital media strategist who oversees the creation of strategic and innovative digital marketing programs across multiple channels. He possesses knowledge of current digital platforms and has a passion for understanding emerging digital technology.

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4 Ways To Use Digital Marketing Data in Retail

Retail CMOs are using data now, more than ever, to inform their marketing decisions moving forward. Marketing teams that don’t lean into data analytics are at risk of moving too slow and missing key insights that will better inform their marketing efforts.  Here are a few ways to use digital data for retail marketing: Your […]

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Retailers – Win Today and Cultivate The Future

Retail marketers have to solve a unique problem – generating foot traffic at offline locations while keeping the brand top of mind in an ever-changing digital landscape. How do you solve this challenge? Look below for some tips or download our ebook for an in depth exploration. Winning Today Using a data-first marketing approach to […]

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Why Your Marketing Data Is Worthless

The other day I was perusing Facebook and saw an ad for the Nanit baby monitor. This was intriguing because I have been searching for new baby monitors to spy on my infant son while he sleeps. This one is billed as the “Tesla of Baby Monitors”. Now they have my attention. Their website is nice, […]

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