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Jeff’s professional journey has been both unique and purposeful. His experiences in higher education, technology, database management, and digital marketing have given him the background necessary to excel in a marketing world fueled by data collection and analysis. Infinitely curious and astute, Jeff helps take our clients’ marketing efforts to the next level using sophisticated proprietary and industry leading technology platforms that he uses to develop highly informative data visualizations.

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Why Your Business Goals Should Drive Marketing Analytics

Businesses have never had as much access to data as they do today. In the age of digital marketing, a massive amount of information is collected on everyone and everything connected to the Internet. The ease and scale with which a marketer can conduct research, track user behavior and connect the dots between dollars spent […]

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How Google Tag Manager Gives Marketers Superpowers

How can data-driven marketers easily manage paid advertising, eCommerce, CRM and other tracking data from multiple platforms across a web site? How can they pump user interaction data back to these different platforms all at the same time?  And the million-dollar question – how can they do it without having to get IT and the […]

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APIs & Developer Things: A Day Spent at Google HQ

The duopoly is real, Facebook and Google combined dominate online advertising. If you work in digital marketing you touch their technology every day. Meanwhile their product offerings, software and APIs are constantly changing. Keeping up-to-date with everything they throw at us through a hodgepodge of blog posts, YouTube videos and often outdated documentation is a […]

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