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As an experienced Digital Developer, Chris is always implementing new and creative solutions to help websites reach their full potential. Chris possesses a unique and valuable combination of both visual and technical skills.

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Building a Culture of Accessibility Into Your Product

When it comes to digital products such as websites or apps, I’d imagine most of us can recall some type of frustrating interaction while using them. For the 61 million American adults with disabilities, and over 1 billion worldwide, the lack of accessibility within a digital product can turn a normally frustrating experience into one […]

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5 Reasons To Use HTTPS Everywhere On Your Site

  We’ve all noticed that little green lock icon in our browser at some point when we are on the internet. That lock icon means you are browsing the site via HTTPS, which assures us that our personal information is safe while are on the website.  When a website is using standard HTTP, the data that […]

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Not Coms – Paradigm Shift Or Marketing Fad?

Have you noticed websites using a different top level domain (TLD) extension than the standard “.com” extension?  I’m not talking about “.net”, “.org”, “.biz”, or any other of those common extensions that you may have seen in the past; I’m talking about new extensions such as “.apartments”, “.plumbing”, “.digital” (yes, we do own, and other […]

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