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Carly ensures our clients’ message is clearly received by the right audiences. Her journey to content and inbound marketing includes work with Fortune 500 companies and prominent community nonprofit organizations, where she strategically built brands across all industries. Carly is driven by delivering measurable results, working with innovative and smart people, “listening” to key learnings, and – above all – enjoying everyday

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The Two Inbound Strategies That Clearly Show How Marketing Delivers Sales Leads

Done correctly, inbound marketing is a strong driver of lead generation. But we all know what isn’t measured doesn’t matter so it’s critical that B2B marketers clarify how their team’s work makes an impact on the company’s bottom line. Staying focused on the tactics that drive sales benefits the entire organization’s growth and, in turn, […]

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One Simple Way to Maximize Leads from Your Content

If you’re thinking of how to leverage content marketing to grow your prospect pipeline and deliver solid leads, taking one early action can make all the difference in how that content is received by your target audience. That action — align your content directly to their pain points.  Aligning content to your prospects most pressing […]

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Increase Revenue From Existing Customers Through Content

It’s no secret that expanding your business through organic growth is infinitely easier than acquiring new customers. Developing and executing a retention-focused content marketing strategy can help your company increase revenue from current customers. Engaging your customers with strong content that speaks to their pain points, industry challenges, and current events maximizes their lifetime value […]

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