download website design rfp template

Many times throughout the year, we get a call from someone asking if we have a website RFP template they can use. Although each RFP can have unique requirements, we put together one that is a good starting point. Keep in mind this is more targeted for a small to medium sized business website. A larger enterprise website usually will require a lot more diligence in determining scope such as integrating with CRMs, ERPs, etc.

Feel free to use this template as a reference and keep in mind it may not address all your specific requirements. Mason Digital is a proponent of using open-source, license-free software so be advised this RFP is skewed in that regard.


Click here to download editable version


a. Describe the Web project you wish to undertake. Site objectives?
b. What problems will this technology project solve or what new capabilities will it provide for your organization?
c. Website should be built on a license-free content management system (CMS). Our preference is for site to be coded in PHP with a MySQL database.


The overall project may be awarded depending upon funds available. The XXXX does not put a limit on the response in terms of cost, but our goal is to provide the best website for the most economical cost. Overall cost of this project is an important factor in our determination.

a. XXXX must own design, content and code. XXXX must also have full access to and have the right to customize site code.
b. Terms for proposal:
i. Relevant dates (see item #11 below).
ii. Proposals should be delivered to XXXX. Copies should be {postmarked or received} by XXXX.
iii. Please provide 3 copies of any proposals submitted and a PDF version.
iv. All proposals must use the proposal format outlined in this RFP.

a. Tell us about your organization. Provide links to information on your existing Website, if applicable.
i. When was your organization founded?
ii. How many staff members does your organization have?
iii. Will you be using 3rd party vendors on this project and if so, identify them.

a. Define the audience that will be using the site. Do you have a defined group of users or “stakeholders” who will be regularly using the site and have different needs?

Example format:
Stakeholder/Audience – Group Description – Site Features
b. Will the entire site be accessible to the general public?
c. Do you need the capability for staff or members to “log in” to access special information?


a. Essential components: Please refer to current site at http:// to review existing functionality that we want to include in new site. We will also want to include the following functionality as well: XXXX etc.
b. Non-essential components: As an option, please quote copywriting/copyediting services, organic SEO program, etc.


a. Google Analytics code must be installed at launch time.


a. Custom design parameters are not specified (or include brand guidelines if available) and are to be used in accordance with your professional expertise in the field. It is our intention to review the proposals and determine the best overall fit for XXXX. Chosen Vendor must also review our site analytics and incorporate in site navigation strategy.

Factors to consider:
1) Visual appeal – custom design
2) Ease of use
3) Ease of maintenance
4) Overall organization and layout
5) Must be Responsive for Mobile Optimization
6) Technical support

b. Base your proposal on X number of core pages
c. Platform
i. This is a redesign of a current site New site to be built on an open-source non-proprietary CMS. Preferred language to be     PHP with a MySQL database such as WordPress or Joomla.
d. eCommerce
i. eCommerce (is/is not) required at this time, but the CMS must have the ability to add cost effectively at a later time with a compatible component to the CMS.

(Questions for company writing RFP)
a. Do you have existing pages of Web content that you expect your Web developer to add to the new site? (Provide a map of your current site indicating how many pages will need to be transferred.) Is current content in Word Docs for migration?
b. Do you have existing databases that will need to be imported or connected to the new site?
c. Do you have existing e-Commerce systems, web forums or other tools that the new site should be connected to?


a. Point of contact/ project manager


(Please indicate the timeline you expect vendor to adhere to)
i. Develop RFP process (forward email address for questions on RFP).
ii. RFP release date.
iii. Submission of questions on RFP.
iv. Notification of Intention to Bid.
v. Answers to questions emailed to all bidders.
vi. Proposals due.
vii. Finalist interviews.
viii. Proposal award date.
ix. Proposed site launch.


1. Executive Summary

2. Technical Overview
a. Web development process: explain the process you will follow to build the website; including major milestones and evaluation.
b. Address any important technology information and specifications used in your solution (languages, platform, etc.).
c. Organizational structure: communications process; including lines of reporting and any special tools used.
d. Schedule of deliverables; include major milestones and testing proposal.
e. Any additional information.

3. Budget:
a. Break down cost by production, tools, and functionalities.
b. Maintenance and support: identify any costs that should be assumed as part of the site and ongoing costs for maintenance and support that may be needed in the future.
c. License fees: identify the costs, if any, we will need to pay to develop or host the site.
d. Hosting: identify whether we must or are encouraged to host with your company. If hosting is provided as an option or requirement, provide pricing options.
e. Training guide: identify costs to train our staff to use site tools and provide a training guide.
f. Other charge areas: please identify whether there will be other expenses, consultant fees, future work, etc. to complete this project.

4. Attachments
a. Qualifications and Experience: relevant case histories with information on accessing online demos or examples.
b. Biographies of all who will work on account.
c. Professional references.
d. Any additional attachments.

Professional Liability Insurance:
The vendor shall, at its sole expense, acquire, and continuously maintain during the period in which the vendor is performing services, and provide the XXXX with acceptable proof of professional liability insurance coverage covering acts, errors, or omissions of a professional nature committed or alleged to be committed by the vendor.

Submission Deadlines and Information:

Submission Date and Time:
Date, 4:30 p.m.
One (1) original and (2) copies as well as emailing a PDF.

Submit to:

Clearly mark the submittal with the title of this RFP and the name of the responding firm. Only those RFP responses received prior to or on the submission date and time will be considered.

Rejection of Proposals:
XXXX reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or to reject any proposal if the information submitted by, or research of such respondent fails to satisfy XXXX and that such respondent is not properly qualified to carry out the obligations of the RFP and to complete the work contemplated therein. XXXX reserves the right to waive any minor informality in the RFP.