Google has been sending out notices to webmasters for a few months now with alerts for poor mobile site experiences. If you’ve been ignoring the emails it’s about to catch up with you. Google has announced an April 21, 2015 change to their search algorithm, they are going to start including mobile-friendliness in their evaluations of websites.

Not sure if your website is optimized for mobile devices? There is a free tool you can use to get a quick reading on a website’s mobile-friendliness from Google’s perspective. Go to: and then hurry back.

Need to upgrade your website? To be rated by Google as being “mobile friendly,” there are three update choices: build a new responsive website (able to adapt to all screen sizes), update the current website coding to adapt to all screen sizes, or build a separate mobile website. The best option is likely building a new website with responsive design. This option will prepare you for today’s changes to Google’s algorithm and tomorrow’s online traffic as we continue to see a shift to mobile. Coding updates may or may not work on your website and will only serve as a patch for this current Google change, perhaps at a comparable cost of the other fixes. Mobile websites are not a contemporary option, since the arrival of responsive websites, and they are just one more online site to maintain.

At Mason Digital we’ve had experience building mobile-only sites as well as responsive design websites. Check out our portfolio to see some of our recent work. To learn more about how we help you update your company’s web presence please contact us today.

Karl Heberger

Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

Karl is responsible for digital advertising and marketing with two decades of experience in PPC, SEO, social, mobile, video, display, and analytics. By focusing solely on our clients’ business and marketing objectives, Karl ensures the digital marketing strategies Mason Digital develops and executes are successful.