It’s no secret that expanding your business through organic growth is infinitely easier than acquiring new customers. Developing and executing a retention-focused content marketing strategy can help your company increase revenue from current customers. Engaging your customers with strong content that speaks to their pain points, industry challenges, and current events maximizes their lifetime value to your organization and can deliver high ROI. Here are some considerations to begin a retention-focused content program:

  • Start with onboarding: A welcome email with appropriate follow-up content will engage your new customer on multiple fronts, increasing opportunities for long-term relationships and growth. 
  • Set your content strategy: Repeat sales might be your priority, but also consider the value returning customers bring as advocates for your business and encourage them to share your content with colleagues across their industry or geography. 
  • Personalize the experience: Make sure your communications are personalized for how your customers work with you so they feel they are getting information from a trusted partner. 
  • Make sure account and sales teams are involved: Your company’s account and sales teams have the most direct contact with customers so engage them in the process of identifying the best content for development, customer targeting strategy, and the timeline for communications.