Social networks provide an opportunity for marketers to achieve mass reach, engagement, and viral dissemination of content and offers. According to recent Pew Research, 73% of adult Internet users in the US use social networks. Women are slightly more likely to use social media than males, with 78% and 69% adoption respectively.

Social-NativeIn today's social media landscape, marketers need to balance paid, earned, and owned media. Unfortunately, earned media is more difficult to obtain in today's social media landscape. According to a study performed by Ogilvy & Mather, as of February 2014 companies' Facebook posts typically reach only 6% of their followers. In order to achieve the reach and engagement needed to have successful social marketing campaigns, many of our clients are using paid opportunities.

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other major social networks are now offering extremely effective ways to engage with targeted audiences through native advertising. These ads seamlessly integrate into a user's feed and are nearly indistinguishable from organic content. Because of this, native ads are often more effective than traditional ad formats.

Advertising on social networks provides some unique opportunities for marketers. One important characteristic of social media advertising is the ability to target audiences based not only on demographic data, but psychographic as well. In addition to great targeting capabilities, social networks provide multiple ways to engage with potential customers. Interactive advertising started with the "click". In social networks, it has expanded to numerous interactions such as commenting, sharing, liking, favoriting, and more. These multiple engagement opportunities provide more effective advertising communications and give brand advocates the opportunity to help disseminate your message and content.

An increasing number of our B2C and B2B clients are finding success through social media advertising. To learn how Mason Digital can help your company contact us today to set up a free consultation.