Traditionally with third-party ad serving, advertisers use an ad server (such as DoubleClick for Advertisers) to purchase a reserved number of ad inventory impressions at a set price from a specific, individual publisher.

Programmatic-StatBut recently, programmatic buying has emerged that uses powerful demand-side platforms (DSPs) to enable advertisers to purchase ad inventory through multiple ad exchanges using a variety of sophisticated targeting techniques. This lets advertisers deliver ads in specific contexts and to specific audiences based on real-time inventory availability and audience behavior, and report on each ad impression that's delivered.

Our programmatic buying professionals have experience purchasing banner, mobile, rich media, and video advertising for many of our clients. We've had success utilizing behavioral (audience) targeting, site targeting, mobile app targeting, contextual targeting, retargeting (remarketing), and demographic targeting. On top of these techniques that use technology to reach a specific audience, we can geo-target (down to the zip code level) as well as target days and day-parts.

The Mason Trading Desk enables our clients' advertising dollars to work harder for them, with lower costs and higher efficiencies. Simply put, it provides sophisticated targeting and reach that eliminates the middle man. If you're interested in getting more bang for your buck, please contact us today to learn how we can target your potential target audience.