Analytics and data analysis are at the core of everything we do at Mason Digital. In fact, we developed our own proprietary reporting system, Mason Metrics, that combines data from multiple platforms and presents results in a straightforward, visual manner. We utilize third-party ad serving in order to track digital advertising performance across multiple sites and formats, allowing for an apples to apples comparison while also providing verification of result.

Mason-MetricsOur data-centric approach ensures that we remain focused on achieving our clients' business objectives by consistently measuring each campaign's key performance indicators. We combine qualitative and quantitative measurements to provide our clients with a comprehensive and informative presentation of each campaign's results. We're transparent and collaborative, developing customized reports that provide value to our clients and each stakeholder for every initiative.

Every website we develop is equipped with Google Analytics. We provide our clients access and we also offer training opportunities. We have Google Analytics certified professionals on staff to help our clients understand how their website or app is performing and how to use Google Analytics to measure the results of their overall marketing efforts, both online and offline.

If you're ready to move beyond data tables without analysis and metrics that don't translate to your company's marketing objectives, contact us today to see how Mason Digital can take your digital marketing to the next level.