Karma Water has been in the health & wellness category with their line of vitamin and probiotic waters for over a decade yet had never run a paid digital media campaign. Their desire to bring awareness to their brand and increase sales brought them to Mason Digital. Together, Mason Digital and Karma Water strategized, planned, and launched a large-scale digital campaign to boost sales during the Spring of 2020. This was especially challenging considering the category was suffering from an overall decline due to the global pandemic.


Through in-depth planning and research, it was discovered that moms with young children who over-indexed for healthy lifestyle and fitness behaviors were spending more time-consuming digital video on social media than ever before. Mason Digital found that the pandemic led to the perfect opportunity to promote a product launch on social media using high-impact lifestyle videos that spoke directly to the target audience.


After the initial 3-month launch, Karma Water’s sales were up in the grocery category, including distribution and velocity with their largest retailer

Facebook and Instagram ads reached over 11,000,000 people in our target audience at a 7x frequency, out-performing category benchmarks

Over 61,000 of those reached clicked over to the website to learn more about the product and find it at their nearest retailer

2,700 people used the retail locator

Karma Water’s first large-scale digital campaign was an absolute success. Awareness in key markets with their largest retailers increased, along with a downstream effect in consumer sales, distribution and velocity on the shelves. Pinpoint targeting in key geographic areas helped to elevate these sales metrics. Mason Digital worked directly with the Karma team to identify where the brand needed help and focused budgets in areas with the most opportunity to effectively reach the target audience. Additionally, Mason Digital consulted on creative strategy and best practices for specific channel placements on social media.

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