Clinical Research Atlanta needed more volunteers for their COVID vaccine trial. Their lead pipeline was slow to fill and with the time constraints around Moderna’s vaccine, CRA had to find a way to get their study details in front of first responders and essential workers. 



Mason Digital developed a social media driven advertising approach in the Atlanta area with the goal of filling CRA’s lead pipeline quickly, in the matter of a few weeks. Creative messaging spoke directly to those on the frontlines and essential workers.


Facebook and Instagram ads reached over 120,000 people in our target audience at an 11x frequency, generating awareness of the COVID study.

  • Over 3,000 of those reached clicked over to the website to learn more and sign up
  • 105 people signed up for the trial (a 3.5% lead conversion rate), filling the Clinical Research Atlanta’s pipeline in two weeks

After researching the target audience’s media consumption habits, it was determined that they were heavy social media users, with usage actually increasing since the start of the pandemic. Through social media, we were able to hit the target audience with creative that spoke personally to them via their profession.

We broke out the campaign into three separate audience segments: First responders, TSA workers, and Restaurant workers. We optimized throughout the campaign to the audience that responded at the highest rate to our message, which turned out to be first responders. Overall, the campaign performed very well and helped Clinical Research Atlanta to fill their lead pipeline with solid vaccine candidates in a short period of time. 

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