Improve PEKO’s web presence to better reflect who they are as a company today and showcase their sprawling facilities, all while generating more qualified leads.


We created a modern, mobile optimized website on WordPress that is streamlined to spotlight PEKO’s core competencies and highest-performing industries, as well as showcasing the breadth of their production facilities using drone footage video. Specific calls-to-action and optimized web forms were also strategically placed throughout the website to increase leads.


A higher trafficked and more engaging website that visually and contextually represents PEKO as the high-quality brand they have become. The website has seen double-digital growth in key website metrics and is more visible in web searches.

It's all in the Numbers

18.62% ▲
Overall Sessions
10.22% ▲
Average Session Duration
10.09% ▲
Overall Pageviews
6.87% ▼
Bounce Rate
9.13% ▲
Returning Visitors
24.67% ▲
Time on Page

Website Redesign

When we began our partnership with PEKO, their website was outdated, not mobile optimized, and ultimately was not a true reflection of the brand PEKO has become.  With a focus on revamping content and showcasing their facilities, we were able to create a new web presence that is not only more engaging with the user, but also more in-line with PEKO’s core services.

The extensiveness of PEKO’s facilities is a key differentiator and we helped convey that visually with an interactive drone video of each of their buildings and the services performed in each.

We custom designed and programmed the website on WordPress for increased flexibility and ease of use. There are also many integrations with Hubspot for lead nurturing.

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Website Redesign

Services Utilized

Content Strategy

We used analytics to assist with determining the priority of content, and remove content that no longer represented PEKO or didn’t align with their new website objectives. Post launch, we have been creating new, strategic content for increased visibility and lead generation.

Data Informed Design

Various tweaks and optimizations have taken place since the site launched based on analyzing data and through A/B testing.

Detailed analytic reports are reviewed with PEKO on a regular basis to guide ongoing updates to the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Strategic optimization of content and keywords helped PEKO gain first place rankings for many of their targeted keywords.