As search engine algorithms have evolved to be smarter and more picky about what they rank, Monro, Inc. faced a challenge where the individual pages for their 1200+ locations across 8 brands all contained mirrored cookie-cutter copy and Title Tag elements that lacked unique and relevant keywords.


Mason Digital’s SEO team applied their expertise in Local SEO to distinguish each of the company’s locations and resolve the issue of search engines seeing them as a pool of cloned pages.


  • Unique pages with localized content and unique Title Tags for 1200+ locations were developed, leading to increased search engine ranking for each store location page
  • 19% increase in organic traffic to their web properties year-over-year 
  • Improved SEO led to an estimated incremental $18 million in revenue

Mason Digital knew that this form of mass page production is seen as duplicate, low-quality content by search engines and began remedying this situation by first developing keyword-rich, localized title tags for each location. This process better helped both search engines and potential customers alike understand what page they’re clicking to.

Title Tag Optimizations

Title Tags always present a challenge when trying to squeeze important information within the limited room allotted. Our SEO team’s approach to this was to include brand, location and service-based keywords, while remaining within 555 pixel limitation.

  • Branding is a must-have in a highly competitive industry
  • Location keywords assist in ranking for the estimated 47% of searches that include a geographic or location-based keyword . Further, search engines like Google now know to rank local business pages for service-based queries even when they don’t contain geographic keywords. As noted, Title Tags inform humans and crawlbots alike and having location keywords in place will help rank for human queries that don’t necessarily contain geo-modifiers.
  • Service-based keywords were decided based upon search volume, as found in our preceding keyword research.

Unique Location Pages

Once proper Title Tags had been written and implemented, Mason Digital took on the monumental task of individualizing each location page and building out hyper-localized on-page copy. In many cases, individual location pages only had one sentence of copy in their introductory, above-the-fold text, and it was the exact same as the hundreds of other locations for that brand. Mason Digital knew that taking the time to research each of the 1200+ store’s geographic areas, including nearby landmarks, highways and neighboring businesses, would not only make the copy unique, but also be super helpful for consumers. Building out the copy also afforded more opportunity for Mason Digital to include commonly searched-for service keywords, with a degree of localization (ie: “If you’re looking for new tires in Penfield, NY”). Standard SEO best practices, such as avoiding keyword stuffing, were adhered to in the process of building these pages out.

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