Bio-Optronics, a healthcare information technology company that focuses on workflow optimization, needed a way to utilize their HubSpot automation software to queue qualified inbound marketing leads in a quick and efficient manner so that the sales team could begin the timely follow-up process.


Mason Digital dug into Bio-Optronics’ HubSpot software to identify the key lead gen forms that would serve as the marketing-to-sales trigger. With these identified, we created rules and workflows that moved these leads into the correct queues for specific sales team members. The team at Mason Digital also built follow-up sequences for the sales team to use for personalized one-to-one communication using both phone calls and emails. In addition, we provided on-site training for the Bio-Optronics team and developed a quick reference handbook and a Standard of Procedure (SOP) to help the sales team beyond the onboarding training.


  • Sales follow-up time was reduced to minutes rather than hours or days
  • The Bio-Optronics marketing and sales team now have visibility into their customers’ journey from lead to customer
  • An SOP was developed that is duplicatable and training materials have been built and can be used for future training of new sales team members

As a certified agency partner, Mason Digital was equipped with the knowledge and expertise to assist Bio-Optronics with the task of transitioning qualified inbound leads from the marketing communication process to a waiting-at-the-ready sales team for personalized, one-to-one follow up by leveraging HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales automation software. 

Call Log Example
Workflow Example

The first step in the project was to identify what pieces of lead gen content and forms were necessary to identify qualified leads that were ready or nearly ready to purchase from Bio-Optronics. Armed with this information, Mason Digital built workflows using a series of triggers and rules to place contact information directly into key sales team queues with real-time alerts so that the sales team would be enabled to begin the follow-up process within a matter of minutes. After the workflows were built, we went to work on developing follow-up sequences that utilized a combination of phone call scripts and templated emails that would allow the sales team to be more efficient in their communication with prospective customers.

Reference Guide Example

In addition to the automation software programming, Mason Digital developed an on-site training presentation and reference guide to be used in the onboarding of current and future sales team representatives. This training included step-by-step walkthroughs of how to move clients through the necessary follow-up sequences in HubSpot as well as a guideline on the timing and order with which leads should be processed.

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