Kodak’s Software Division helps commercial printers and packaging converters streamline their shops’ workflow with Pringery, a leading workflow automation software solution. The solution requires new customers to restructure their teams and potentially invest in additional hardware. While the benefits far outweigh the costs, the many parameters involved result in a long sales cycle. With limited resources, Kodak needed a way to introduce workflow automation software, demonstrate the benefits, and ultimately convince owners and operators that they should consider using Prinergy.


Mason Digital developed content pieces (blogs, ebooks, white papers, and videos) that addressed specific pain points, potential objections, and product differentiators. Digital marketing efforts drove potential customers to top-of-funnel content. Then, through complex marketing automation, these leads were nurtured through multiple touchpoints that addressed their needs and offered specific information about both automation and Prinergy’s specific features and benefits. Prospects that engaged with product-specific content were then transitioned to the sales team to close the sale.


  • 30 pieces of developed content resulted in almost 3,000 form submissions
  • 10 automated nurture campaigns reached 9,367 prospects
  • A total of 275 SQLs were delivered to the Kodak sales team

The automation program had numerous paths that would be used to engage prospects and drive them to the product brochure over time. Close to 2,000 emails were sent to over 800 prospects who downloaded the top-of-funnel ebook. There were 730 unique opens and ultimately 16 sales qualified leads as a result. With these learnings, we were able to develop additional content offers and automation tracks that drove hundreds of additional SQLs.

Taking Advantage of Content Delivery in Pardot

When we started working with Kodak, they had Pardot as their email marketing solution but they weren’t taking advantage of its marketing automation capabilities. We started off with a single content marketing automation campaign targeted at packaging converter owners in order to provide a proof of concept. This campaign included four pieces of content designed to capture prospects at the beginning of the sales cycle (addressing pain points) and nurture them with pieces that addressed the process of incorporating the solution into their business. Ultimately, leads that engaged with various pieces were sent a product brochure. Once this was downloaded, the system alerted the appropriate salesperson to reach out directly and set up a meeting. 

This was the initial automation campaign used to nurture packaging converter prospects.
Landing page and email examples

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