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Karma Water is a leader in the functional water category offering a full-line of wellness, probiotic and, most recently, CBD-infused waters. Karma’s differentiating feature is the Karma Cap. Unlike premixed waters or kombuchas whose nutrients start to deteriorate before you even buy them, Karma’s one-of-a-kind push cap keeps the active vitamins and probiotics fresh in the cap until it’s ready to drink. This allows Karma to deliver the highest level of healthy benefits.

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Mason Digital has helped Karma build targeted consumer awareness and trial over the past several years. Recently, Karma requested Mason Digital support a targeted campaign to help drive traffic and sales in both BJ’s Wholesale Club and Circle K locations – leading retailers where Karma had recently secured new distribution.

​​Mason Digital and Karma collaborated to create a digital marketing plan to target ideal customers within a 5 mile radius of participating BJ’s and Circle K locations. The campaign centered around a special multiple-purchase promotion encouraging consumers to purchase two Karma Probiotic Waters for $4.50. More specifically, they were looking to drive sales of three Karma Probiotic flavors: berry cherry, blueberry lemonade, and strawberry lemonade.


Using Facebook and Instagram, Mason Digital targeted people residing within a 5-mile radius of 44 BJ store locations. In addition, we targeted those people who had expressed interest in or liked pages related to BJ’s Wholesale Club. This targeting criteria delivered a prospective audience size of approximately 3,979,000 people.

Mason Digital took a similar approach with Circle K. For this campaign, we placed retailer-specific creative across Facebook with the savings offer, specifically targeting women aged 25-59, with interest targeting across the following categories: Circle K, kombucha, probiotics, and wellness. In terms of geography, we recommended a 10-mile radius around each store location in which the promotion was running. This targeting criteria provided a potential audience of about 257,400 people. Mason Digital also created promotional landing pages to support the campaign.


BJ’s Wholesale Club

After only one month, Karma’s paid social media campaign around the 44 BJ’s Wholesale Club locations received more than 6,100,000 impressions and garnered more than 7,800 unique link clicks to the landing page. By the end of three months, the campaign had served more than 7.5M impressions, and, most importantly, drove the sale of more than 3,500 units of Karma across the product portfolio.

Circle K

After the three-month October thru January campaign, Facebook ads supporting Karma’s special savings promotion at Circle K received more than 3,400,000 impressions and more than 5,300 unique link clicks to the promotional landing page. 

According to sales data, the Circle K campaign drove the sale of more than 10,000 units of Karma water – 96% of which were specifically for the three flavors featured in the promotion.


With the ability to target geographically, demographically, and by consumer interest in specific retailers, Mason Digital can help you build retailer specific digital marketing plans to continue to support your trade partners and help drive increased awareness and sales for your brands. In addition, the ability to leverage retailer promotions with digital marketing – like significant savings with multiple purchases – can have a significant impact on helping you drive sales. 

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