Steriliz, the maker of UVC disinfection systems for hospitals and other healthcare environments, relies on national industry events to showcase their flagship product RD UVC. However, with the Coronavirus shutting down shows for the foreseeable future, they needed a way to conduct outreach to the target audiences that would have been in attendance in order to keep the sales pipeline full and their solution top-of-mind for critical healthcare decision-makers.


Mason Digital deployed content nurture campaigns themed to each industry event’s specific audience and interests through marketing automation technology and social media platforms. Given that infection prevention was top-of-mind during the COVID-19 outbreak, the strategy to position Steriliz as both a trusted resource and as an immediate solution proved to be extremely successful for the client.


  • 11% lead conversion rate
  • $102.42 cost per lead (15% lower than average historically)
  • 33 qualified leads

Promoting their best-in-class UVC disinfection solution to attendees of top healthcare industry events has been in Steriliz’s marketing plans for years. In fact, there was a strategic digital marketing plan in place to nurture attending prospects both before and after each show to support Steriliz’s sales goals. However, as Coronavirus concerns continued to grow, one-by-one each of Steriliz’s planned shows was canceled. Mason Digital quickly pivoted and provided a solution for Steriliz to both get in front of these “missed” prospects as well as position themselves as an infection prevention leader during a time when health and safety concerns were at a peak. 

Steriliz and Mason Digital identified targets that would have likely been in attendance for each show. We then developed highly-focused content for each group and housed them in useful UVC Resource Centers dedicated to the specific shows. Nurture campaigns, initially inviting targets to the resource center, were built for each canceled show and were timed to when the show would have started. Based on individual interest and downloads, additional content was delivered to prospective buyers. The team also leveraged these lists to create custom audiences within LinkedIn and served them highly relevant, action-oriented content pieces designed to drive leads. The re-imagined strategy proved to be extremely effective resulting in the most cost-effective LinkedIn lead generation campaign of the year for Steriliz.

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