Clubtails needed a way to understand how digital advertising was effecting offline purchase behavior. They were seeing great engagement within the posts but weren’t able to attribute ROI to their campaigns. They were also still trying to broaden brand awareness and drive people into convenience stores.


Clubtails has a store locator page on their website that shows which flavors are available at the closest stores based on a user’s location. Mason Digital created highly engaging content across Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, and YouTube. All ads had a specific call to action – find out where to buy. Users were then driven to the store locator page. We used relevant, highly entertaining, and action-oriented content to build awareness and drive action. By tracking store locator activity on the website, we were able to provide evidence of purchase intent and better quantify marketing results at the state, market, and city levels.


  • Paid media across Facebook, Instagram, Pandora & YouTube lead to over 95K store locator page visits in 2019
  • By tracking users most likely to use the store locator, Mason Digital was able to build an audience profile and fine-tune targeting to reach users most likely to purchase

Clubtails has been growing rapidly, expanding into new markets throughout the year. Knowing the rapid expansion brings a larger target audience Mason had to strategize a way to effectively spread advertising dollars. By leveraging a reach and frequency campaign that targeted users most likely to purchase, Mason Digital was able to cost-effectively drive increased purchase intent. By using the store locator searches as our key performance indicator (KPI), we were able to maximize the results of our advertising on in-store purchases while creating a better understanding of the target consumer.

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