Clubtails is a flavored malt beverage that is based on popular cocktail beverages. Clubtails was looking for ways to connect with consumers and drive interest in trial. They had previously worked with some small scale influencers but it wasn’t moving the needle for them in a way that truly showed ROI.


Mason Digital developed a strategy to find influencers that have a large following in areas where Clubtails is highly distributed. Leveraging digital technology tools, the team garnered insights into each influencer and their followers. This allowed us to ensure that both the influencer and their followers were on-brand.


  • Reached over 2 million people through 40 influencers
  • 300,000+ post engagements
  • 2,000+ store locator visits
  • Influencer relationships led to product placement in a music video and an exclusive beverage sponsorship of the tour

Mason Digital knows in order to make influencer marketing work for you, there needs to be clear standards based on the client, goals, and strategy. It’s worth paying a little extra to find influencers who truly like the product. It’s also key to use software that provides insights into each influencer’s followers to ensure that they are real and fit within the target demographics. Our team developed a social media influencer brand guideline packet that lays out all of the brand standards, key talking points, and rules for our influencers. Mason Digital develops contracts for our influencers so that we can hold each other accountable when it comes to due dates, payment and deliverables, including post analytics. We always lead influencer stories to our store locator page on our website so we can track purchase intent.

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