Clubtails is a flavored malt beverage that is based on popular cocktail beverages. Every year the team brainstorms for the next year of content and strives to find ways to keep our audience engaged and interested in our product. Consumer attention spans aren’t getting shorter but they are just getting harder to win, especially on social media. In order to support new markets and continue growth in existing markets, we needed to engage with current customers while reaching new audiences as cost effectively as possible.


Mason Digital developed content specifically for Instagram/Facebook stories, in-feed and YouTube TrueView and Bumper ads. The team curated a content calendar that portrayed each platform’s deliverables with dates. All videos were shot with different aspect ratios, both vertically and horizontally, to take full advantage of each channel. By using creative that is optimized for the platforms, we’re able to increase engagement which effectively lowers the cost for ad impressions.


  • Video messaging reached 12.2 Million people throughout the year on Facebook and Instagram (up 16% from previous year)
  • Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) decreased 43.8% to $3.17
  • Cost per engagement was lowered 42% to $.04

The Mason Digital team does a thorough evaluation of the previous year and goes through an in-depth planning process when developing the creative strategy for the year. First, the team analyzed the data from the previous year to see which ads resonated the most with the audience and then made data-driven decisions on what strategy to move forward with. After reviewing the previous year’s results, Mason discovered that videos on FB/IG should be vertical or square and 15 seconds or less. Throughout the year Mason Digital created eye-catching and platform-specific creative in order to grab our users’ attention which ultimately drove down costs, allowing us to raise more brand awareness. Reaching consumers with specific content based on user-behavior on each social platform is the main driver of our success with Clubtails.

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