TalentBridge, a staffing agency looking to fill their talentpool, was experiencing a high cost per resume submission when first launching their digital advertising efforts. Mason Digital was tasked with finding a way to lower the cost per submission and ultimately drive more leads utilizing the budget dollars as efficiently as possible.


Mason Digital placed detailed conversion tracking prior to launching a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to capture all the data necessary to make informed optimizations to the campaign. Understanding which digital channels were obtaining the most leads at the lowest cost, which content was the most engaging, which messaging spoke to our target audience, and how to reallocate budget accordingly all played a significant role in increasing the total number of submissions and reducing the cost per submission.


  • 95% reduction in cost per submission ($76.96 to $3.87)
  • 90% increase in total submissions (36 to 371)

TalentBridge was in need of a digital marketing partner to help fill their talent pool. Mason Digital deployed a multi-channel digital marketing plan leveraging social media, paid search and retargeting that focused on resume submissions as the key performance indicator (KPI). We A/B tested content types, creative, and messaging and compared cost per conversion data across all channels. We then reallocated budget to the most cost effective platforms, consolidated our keyword list to only target search queries that were converting, leveraged new audience segments on social media and shifted away from blog content to focus exclusively on posts with available jobs which had a much higher conversion rate. In taking this approach we were able to increase TalentBridge’s monthly conversions by 90%, lower their cost per resume submission by 95%, and make a significant impact on their overall marketing program.

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