To intelligently redesign and optimize their website in order to streamline user experience, maximize product visibility, and build leads.


Paired with a comprehensive SEO keyword and optimization strategy, we redesigned Bio-Optronics’ website’s homepage, landing pages, and the navigation menus. The new pages were keyword rich and extremely navigable from a user-experience standpoint, allowing users to easily understand and follow CTAs.


A higher trafficked site with a significant increase in organic traffic. Due to the restructuring of the pages and attention to CTAs, Bio-Optronics saw a significant rise in demo requests since launching their new site and have seen high-converting organic keywords moving upward +490 combined positions.

Through focused keyword optimization strategy and website redesign, Bio-Optronics now ranks on page 1 for “CTMS” in organic search results on Google. Prior to launching the redesign project, “CTMS” was only returning Bio-Optronics results on page 3.

It’s all in the numbers

10% ▲
organic search
30% ▲
overall traffic
9.98% ▲
new users
13.42% ▲
new sessions
combined positions moved up

Website Redesign

Redesigned Homepage

When approaching Bio-Optronics’ homepage, we wanted to enhance the user experience for visitors, and increase the searchability of the page as a whole. To do so, we updated Bio-Optronics’ homepage to not only be more visual, but more importantly, to place highly relevant keyword-rich content on the main page for indexing with major search engines.

Restructured Navigation

Keeping user experience and SEO top of mind, we transitioned from all products in main navigation to having a “Products” mega-menu, where all products are listed with an explanatory, keyword-rich intro section. We also created an “Industries” mega-menu to help guide users who don’t know the products well enough to help guide them to a fitting solution. Finally, in order to help increase lead generation, we created a “Request Demo” CTA in the header so the user can always quickly fill out a form whenever they are ready.

Redesigned Landing Pages

In order to better capture leads and enhance user experience, we streamlined the landing pages in a way that emphasizes the lead capture form, provides a clearly stated CTA, and simplified yet compelling visuals and language.

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Website Redesign

Services Utilized

Search Engine Optimization

Using keyword research, we targeted a mix of high and medium-volume keywords that drive relevant, niche traffic to Bio-Optronics’ site, helping to rank the site higher for important keywords.

Data-Informed Design

Since the Bio-Optronics site relaunched, various modifications and tweaks have been made through A/B testing. Through continued, detailed analysis, we continually and strategically update the website in order to accomplish our goals.

Content Strategy

In July of 2017, we began implementing a strategic content strategy that is improving visibility and aiding in lead generation for Bio-Optronics.