Bio-Optronics, a healthcare information technology company that focuses on workflow optimization, needed a way to drive leads from prospective customers actively searching for clinical trial management software (CTMS). There are many software solutions available; it’s a challenge to achieve high visibility on Google’s search engine results page.


Mason Digital wrote and constructed an optimized pillar page for keywords with high search volume to increase Bio-Optronics’ position in search results. The extensive information laid out on the page would serve as an authority on the subject of CTMS. In addition, it would provide links to solution-rich content that positions Bio-Optronics as an industry leader while driving leads through form-gated pieces.


  • Bio-Optronics is now consistently ranked in the top three SERP positions for “Clinical Trial Software” keyword groups
  • The pillar page drove prospects and sales…1,000+ pillar page clicks led to 42 form submissions and 14 demos for Bio-Optronics’ CTMS offering
  • The pillar page success for Bio-Optronics’ CTMS offering has been replicated for their other software product, Momentum, which has led to a consistent #1 SERP position for targeted keywords, resulting in 63 form submissions and 24 demo requests

Understanding the link between high-quality content and search engine ranking factors, Mason Digital knew that delivering the right content to the right audience would maximize site traffic and prospect engagement. The first step, researching and understanding the unique pain points of clinical trial staff, was accomplished through Mason Digital’s unique keyword research approach. This keyword research combines Google search data with a competitive insight tool, and is ultimately run through a SEO-specific keyword research process to find the more longtail ways that a company’s target audience is searching for solutions. The team’s in-depth knowledge of these tools and our sophisticated strategic approach led us to develop a solution-focused pillar page that included many topics for which clinical trial managers were searching.

Pillar Pages Optimized for Google

Ensuring the right content was on the site was just one goal; that content had to be optimized for search and clearly show authority to Google’s web crawlers. Throughout the page we placed links to webinars, blog posts, eBooks, and demo requests in order to optimize the ways prospects could learn about Bio-Optronics’ CTMS offerings. Desirable content was gated on landing pages in order to drive leads to online form submissions that were delivered directly to the sales team through Hubspot. The results speak for themselves; Bio-Optronics is now one of the first resources people see when searching for clinical trial software information and prospects are actively reaching out to discuss how CC CTMS can work for their research organization.

By using optimal keywords and providing relevant content, Bio-Optronics was able to move up 45 positions on SERP, consistently ranking in the top three spots

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