Apogee Exhibits, an experiential marketing company specializing in exhibits and environments for trade shows, needed a way to drive leads from specific trade shows in Q4 to fill the project queue for Q1 of the following year.


Apogee receives trade show attendee lists from the show organizers for each event they are involved in. Mason Digital leveraged these trade show attendees list by creating custom audiences within social media and serving them highly relevant, action oriented content pieces designed to drive leads. Realizing Q4 is when companies are finalizing their trade show budgets for the following year, the content team at Mason Digital created a piece focusing on 2020 trends in the trade show industry. The combination of timely, engaging content and custom audience targeting proved to be extremely successful for the client.


  • 32 qualified leads – 66% more leads than any other initiative that year
  • $99 cost per conversion – 61% lower than any other initiative that year

Apogee Exhibits experiences fluctuation in their business yearly due to seasonality across the trade show industry as a whole. Mason Digital was tasked with finding a solution to reach a highly targeted, receptive audience with an engaging content strategy that would drive new leads before the end of the year. One audience that we knew would be highly receptive to our messaging and find value in our content were attendees of previous trade shows that Apogee was involved in. We obtained these lists from the trade show organizers, created a custom audience segment in LinkedIn and exclusively targeted these individuals with our trade show trends content during their planning phase. Not only did we leverage the direct 1 to 1 connection of these trade show attendees to their LinkedIn profiles but we also deployed LinkedIn’s AI to build a custom look-alike audience as well. LinkedIn views all the characteristics of the individuals in our custom audience segment, finds others outside our targeting who have similar characteristics and serves our advertising to them as well. This audience targeting proved to be extremely effective as this initiative resulted in 66% more leads at a cost per conversion that was 61% lower than any other initiatives we deployed that year.

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