If you are a business reality tv junkie like me, you probably watch ‘Shark Tank’ or ‘The Profit’. I can’t seem to get enough of them as I am always comparing them to my real life experiences of running a Digital Marketing Agency. These shows can also teach you how to deal with different personalities, how to ask good questions, and often what not to do. Sometimes, I wonder how some people become successful in light of how poorly they run their business or treat their employees.

So about now you should be asking what does all this have to do with Azendoo? That leads me to Marcus Lemonis who stars in the hit show, ‘The Profit’. He is always preaching that fundamental to any business are the three Ps: People, Process, and Products. As a rapidly growing digital agency, we have worked very hard on adding top quality staff and at exceeding our customer expectations with our “products” and service while driving results.

With this rapid growth came a reality check on our process, in particular, how to manage it. We can no longer rely on just emails or worse yet, memory, to manage projects, especially as our team continues to grow. So this year, our Chief Media Strategist suggested we look into a project management platform. We did a fair amount of research and compared pros and cons of several options.

After comparing all of the options, we landed on Azendoo. It allows us to set up clients and assign/manage tasks among team members. It has a fair amount of functionality and comes with a mobile app. It integrates with Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Docs to name a few. I love the feature where I can forward an email to task@azendoo.com and it syncs up with with my tasks while incorporating the email and any attachments like PDFs or Word docs. Having all communications, assets, and assignments organized on one platform has increased productivity and accountability significantly.

I know there are many other platforms to choose from and Azendoo doesn’t do all the things we would like, but it’s a good starting point. We are always seeking new ways to improve our process which leads to better workflow, happy customers, and profit! So that must be how Marcus came up with the name of his reality show – ‘The Profit’?