Gen Z and Millenial data

As the digital advertising landscape continues to change on a daily basis, food and beverage brands are constantly looking for unique ways to engage with their target audiences.

Innovative brands are turning to less intrusive advertising avenues to reach customers in new ways. Enter influencers. Brands are leveraging influencers as the modern day, digital version of word of mouth advertising. While most believe they can simply hand their product to someone with a big following, have them post on their behalf and the sales will start rolling in, it’s not that simple.

Here are 5 important things to consider when launching your next influencer marketing initiative. These elements are key in running a successful campaign, driving engagement, and product trial.

1 – Choosing the Right Influencers 

2 – Featuring Your Product 

3 – Leveraging the Proper Platform(s) 

4 – Running Branded Content Ads

5 – Set Up Sophisticated Tracking

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