For B2B marketers, the end goal is lead generation and, ultimately increased sales. Content marketing provides a wealth of strategic options to increase prospect revenue, build upon customer loyalty, and position your company for the future. 

It’s often challenging to decide how to start a winning content marketing program. There’s many elements to consider including target audience, automation tools, content topics, and ensuring you have the right resources to be successful. Here are four steps to start building your content marketing program:

  1. Identify business opportunities on you which you can capitalize using content 
  2. Identify what constitutes success and what metrics you need to measure marketing wins against overall company goals 
  3. Document what you know about your targets, including how much contact information you both have and need for successful outreach 
  4. Determine the benefits-focused story you can tell that drives engagement 

Investing in content marketing pays dividends for years to come so it’s time to get it working to support your company goals. To learn more, check out our comprehensive ebook – Get Your Content Marketing Program Off the Ground.